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If I obtain a membership through my ice hockey team, will I be able to take advantage of the inline skate prices as well?
Absolutely! You are a member for one full year and can take advantage of any wholesale prices and services for any sport during that year.

Is there a limit to the amount of members we can have in team membership?
No, there is actually no limit. However, if you have 15 players interested in joining, and can pay with one method of payment, you can save each player $15 by choosing the Organization Membership.

Can I use my Middlebury Sports Membership Card at all Middlebury Sports locations?
Each Middlebury Sports & Apparel store will accept your membership card with the same great benefits.

How often should I get my skates sharpened?
Each skater, whether hockey or figure, has their own preference as to how often they get their skates sharpened. We recommend getting them sharpened after 6-10 hours of skating. If you are unsure if your skates need to be sharpened or if your blades don't feel right, come into any Middlebury Sports locations and our trained purchasing coaches will be more than happy to assist you in your decision.

When is the right time to get new equipment?
It's good practice to get your equipment checked at the end and the beginning of a new season. Our purchasing coaches will inspect your equipment for cracks, malfunctions, asses for repairs and insure proper fit.

What happens if my stick breaks right after buying it?
Every hockey stick company has a 30 day warranty through the manufacturer, not Middlebury Sports. Each buyer must contact the manufacturer for details on how to replace your stick. You must have your receipt and warranty stick with the stick's serial number which is on every stick sold.

What's the difference between ice hockey skate brands?
There are many makes and models of ice hockey skates that cater to every kind of player. Each company also has different price points for their products. The higher the price, the better performance you will receive from your skate. At Middlebury we offer pro skate fittings before any purchase of a new skate.

I'm interested in getting jerseys, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. for my team. How do I get started?
Middlebury Sports & Apparel has a custom apparel department that can help you with all your team apparel needs. Our in-house services include embroidery, silk screen, and tackle twill. Visit our Team Apparel Store to find out more. Or e-mail us at: sharyn@middleburysports.com or call 973-927-9110, opt. 2.